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Bathmate Hydromax X40 Review

Bathmate Hydromax X40 Review

The Bathmate Hydromax X40 is one of the company’s most popular products, and is bigger in size than other products manufactured by Bathmate. In fact, the X40 is 15% bigger than the X30 – making it an effective way to increase the length and girth of your penis over time. Bathmate products are renowned for being made to the highest quality, and come with a number of features to increase the comfort of your penis during the enlargement process

The Bathmate Hydromax X40 is easy to use, and can be cleaned and maintained easily. If you have never used a product like this before in the past, a full instructional guide is provided with all the information you need to get started. Here is a Bathmate Hydromaxx X40 review, with focus on the benefits of this product.

What is Bathmate? And how does it work?

Bathmate products are among the most popular penis enlargement devices on the market, and come in a number of models such as the Bathmate Goliath. They are intended to be used in the shower or bath, and come with a release valve that gets rid of any excess water.

Unlike other penis pumps, Bathmate products feel comfortable and are effective in increasing the size and shape of your penis over time – ideal if you suffer from low self-esteem or lack confidence in the bedroom because of the size of your penis. Many men have already used the X40 and have experienced a significant increase in the size of their penis with regular use of the product.

Does the X40 from Bathmate work?

If you are someone who has thought about using a penis enlargement pump in the past, but have had your apprehensions because you have felt that a product might be ineffective or even cause damage to your penis, the X40 could be right for you. This product works to increase the amount of blood in the penis area in order to promote new cell growth. It is safe to us and feels comfortable at all times (just insert your penis into the device when in the shower or bath). Unlike other products on the market, the X40 is designed to be used when in the bath or shower, which can help you to relax if you have never used a product like this before in the past.

The product can be filled with water and then pumped a few times. To use the product, just insert your penis into the product, leave for a few minutes, use the pump two or three times and then repeat the process for around 15 minutes (before removing the device from your penis). You could see an improvement in the size and shape of your penis in as little as a few months with continued use. What’s more, you won’t feel any sensitivity or discomfort when using the product.

How can the X40 from Bathmate improve your sex life and lead to longer erections?

The pumping motions of the X40 help to increase suction in the penis area which in turn increases the amount of blood to the area. Men who have used the product in the past have noted how it has also improved their erections and made their erections feel stronger and last for longer. This in turn has increased their confidence and self esteem when in the bedroom, and improved their sex lives with their partner.

How to order the X40 from Bathmate, warranty, and shipping information

To find out more about the X40 from Bathmate, refer to the official Bathmate website, where you will find product descriptions and shipping information. You will also find information about the company’s warranty and returns policy – providing you with peace of mind when purchasing a product like this. The company’s online store is easy to use, with different navigational options that will guide you through the site and direct you to individual product pages.

Why using a Bathmate promotional code could save you more money in the long run

Save more money on your next order from Bathmate with a promotional discount code. You could make a significant saving on the total cost of your order, and will be able to apply the coupon code to your order during the checkout process

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Bathmate VS Regular Pump Review

Bathmate VS Regular Pump Review

There are a number of penis enlargement options that claim to provide results in a quick and effective manner. These are popularly used by men with small-sized penises or those suffering from erectile dysfunction. Even men with an average sized penis are seen to be opting for different methods to increase the size of their manhood.

Since penis pumps male enhancement can be used alone, without any extra pharmaceutical products, they pose a very low-risk factor for side effects. Pumps are also open for use by men of all ages and all different penis sizes. However, there are different types of penis pumps available in the market, and each one is intended for slightly different purposes. If you are strictly concerned about the results, it counts to make a thorough study of the penis pump choices before you actually start using them.

Bathmate is one of the leading brands in the business of penis pumps. There are many hydromax pump variants such as bathmate hydromax x20, bathmate hydromax x30, hydromax x40, hydromax xtreme, bathmate hercules and hydromax xseries to name a few. They offer a wide range of choices to the customers so that there is something for men of all penis sizes.

Unlike other penis pumps or penis extender, the Bathmate pumps is water based and designed for extra comfort and come complete with comfort paddings. They also offer a highly customized pumping experience. As a result, they have made a strong presence in the market.
This review compares the Bathmate penis pump with other regular pumps or traditional air pumps, pointing the special features and differences between the two. Bathmate pumps are hydropumps and can be completely submerged in water during the course of use. Such pumps use water to create the suction pressure for creating a vacuum around the penis, which then forces blood flow into the penis, thereby increasing the size in a quick and effective manner. Traditional pumps use air instead of water to create the suction.

So what are the differences between a Bathmate hydro penis pump and traditional air pumps? This is discussed in the following section, based on the ease of use, safety factor and the effectiveness of the results. This will give you a clearer idea about the working of both the pumps and if you have been using the right product to suit your needs.

Ease of use

When it comes to the ease of use, Bathmate pumps may be more user-friendly as compared to the traditional pumps. This is mainly because Bathmate constantly upgrades its products based on the feedback from its customers and has, therefore, evolved into to a very convenient and user-friendly brand.

Bathmate pumps is water based pump that have a very minimalistic design that is both easy to use and understand. On the other hand, a regular pump has an elaborate structure with a rubber tube, cylinder, and an attached pressure gauge. Furthermore, a regular pump may not be highly customizable and takes a while to fit in. Hence, the basic difference is that a Bathmate pump has no moving parts and can easily be operated with a single hand. On the other hand, a regular pump requires both the hands during pumping.

Using a regular pump can be quite complex and time consuming given that you will be required to apply lubrication, stretching the pump sleeve, holding the pump while squeezing the grip and finally wiping off the lubrication. Bathmate pumps, on the other hand, can be used directly in the shower. No lubrication is required since the tube is already filled with hot water. You can just fill the pump with water and get over with the pumping routine in just 15 minutes. Hence, Bathmate pumps are much easier to use and store. They are also more convenient for beginners who have not had much experience with pumping.

Since Bathmate does not take up much time for preparation, the users can get straight to pumping. This helps save a great deal of time as well as frustration. Therefore, when it comes to the ease of use, Bathmate is a clear winner against regular penis pumps.


Safety is something which cannot be missed while comparing the different penis enlargement pumps. Since these pumps work by creating a vacuum around the penis and preventing the blood from flowing back, overpumping can easily lead to injuries. The most common types of injuries are bursting of the blood vessel, internal bruising and fluid retention. The damage can be averted by carefully monitoring the amount of pressure applied during the pumping. This is done with the help of pressure gauges and gaiters.

Bathmate pump comes with an attached gaiter. This design allows the pump to self-regulate the internal pressure. The gaiter is to be pushed against the skin at the bottom of the shaft. As the pressure increases, the gaiter extends outwards. Therefore, the pressure can only be increased as much as the gaiter allows. Hence, the design of the Bathmate pump allows you to stay within the safe limit while pumping.

A regular pump, on the other hand, comes with a hand grip and a pressure gauge. This allows you to create a stronger vacuum while pumping. However, it also becomes difficult to understand the safe limit since there are no inbuilt pressure regulators. You also cannot release the full pressure all at once while using a regular pump. First, you will be required to connect the tube and then press the release valve. A Bathmate pump, on the other hand, allows you to release the entire pressure all at once with a simple press of the button. Hence, Bathmate is again a winner in terms of safety.

Effectiveness of results

Bathmate pumps are meant to be used with warm water. Because of this, you are not required to go through an additional step of using the hot towel as with regular pumps. In addition to that, Bathmate used water for pumping, due to which the blood flow into the penis is natural and less forceful as compared to regular pumps. With Bathmate, you get straight to work, and therefore the results are much quicker and stay for a comparatively long period.

Bathmate VS Other Enhancement Products

Considering the various aspects, it can be easily seen that water based penis pumps like Bathmate pumps have an edge over the regular penis pumps in various respects. Bathmate has been on the market for quite some time and is one of the most trusted brands in enhancing penis girth and length. It is, therefore, an ideal choice for anyone who is interested in the prospects of using a penis pump.

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