Bathmate Accessories

An assortment of Bathmate pump accessories are specially designed and produced by the manufacturer to make the pumps more effective. In addition, the accessories are designed to make your Bathmate experience more enjoyable. While some are included in the packages, others are bought separately. Nevertheless, you can enjoy the cool Bathmate products that will certainly make your experience an enjoyable one. Below are some accessories that can be used together with Bathmate pumps.

1. Shower Strap

bathmate shower strapYou are bound to get really exhausted if you stand for too long in the shower while holding on your Bathmate. It becomes even more difficult if you are trying to complete your showering routine as well. Fortunately, the manufacturer of Bathmate has provided a solution to this problem. By using an innovative shower strap, your device can hang freely as you complete your shower rituals. Note that shower straps are waterproof thus making them suited for use in the shower.

2. Cleaning Kit

bathmate cleaning kitA perfect cleaning tool is designed to help with cleaning of the pump after use. It comprises of a cleaning brush that perfectly fits the pump, cleaning towels, sponge heads, special cleaning solution, and a carry case. This is a wonderful addition that will help you maintain hygienic and clean conditions for your device.

3. Capsule Case

bathmate capsule case

If you do not want anyone knowing about your personal business, then the capsule case is an elegant solution for your Bathmate storage needs. It is an official accessory by Bathmate that will help you store your Bathmate penis pump, which is quite frankly the best male enhancement device for many years now. You can simply open the case, pop in your Bathmate and carry your device confidently without anyone knowing the contents of your bag.

4. The X40 Cushion Rings

bathmate Cushion RingsThese are probably the best Bathmate accessories so far! The cushion rings are custom designed to make sure your pumping sessions are more pleasurable. The rings are designed to provide greater comfort, more stimulation, and effectively prevent testicular suction that is quite uncomfortable for some users. These are definitely worth buying if you are looking to get the most from your Bathmate penis pump.

5. Pleasure Lube

bathmate pleasure lube

The Bathmate pleasure lube has undergone rigorous dermatological tests that prove it is completely safe for all individuals. While it may not strictly be an accessory that is dedicated for strict use with your Hydromax, you will find it helpful for general use.

If you are looking for good results and you are serious about your journey of penis enlargement, then you need to put in some effort as well. Hydromax is a highly innovative tool that will help you realize your goal within a short time. When used together with the Bathmate pump accessories outlined above, you can expect truly dramatic results after several weeks.

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