Bathmate Hydromax Vs Penomet

Bathmate Hydromax Vs Penomet

Bathmate Hydromax and Penomet are the leading brands in the industry when it comes to penis enlargement pumps. The products manufactured by the two companies rely on water to build a vacuum that enables the penis to gain size evenly and quicker than the air-based penis enlargement pumps. Even though the principles they use to operate are fairly similar, the two pumps have some distinct differences.

Bathmate Hydromax Vs Penomet

The Bathmate Hydromax series is a pioneer water-based penis pump and a world best-seller. There are 3 different product lines and each of these models is available in 2 sizes. The Original Bathmate comprises of Bathmate Hercules ad Bathmate Goliath. The original designs completely revolutionized the penis enhancement industry from the moment they were released into the market. Even so, these are models recommended for the beginners while the Bathmate Goliath is meant for the more experienced and endowed men.

The Hydromax X-series has these models: X30 and X40. These are designed to produce a greater amount of suction power. Bathmate Xtreme is the newest in the market today and considered Bathmate’s crown jewel. Prices of the $110 – $349.

The majority of users of the Bathmate penis pumps attest to the fact that it delivers as promised. Since it uses water to make the penis bigger, you are guaranteed safety and quick results unlike the air-based pumps.

Just like Bathmate penis enlargement pumps, Penomet also uses the power of water to build pressure. The most noticeable difference between Bathmate and Penomet is the pumping technique. Even though pumping has to be done by hand to create a vacuum, Penomet relies on interchangeable gaiters to build suction power.

The manufacturer refers to this device as ‘scalable’. In theory, the Penomet penis enlargement device provides a highly innovative and elegant solution especially when you have just hit a plateau with your penis enlargement goal. Most users have reported penis girth growth of as much as 30%. The same users also claim the gaiter system facilitates quicker growth within a short period of time.

Penomet is only sold in a single design. Despite this, the manufacturer offers consumers different packages that include a set of gaiters and numerous other accessories that make the experience even better. The Standard version of the Penomet is priced at $127 and its packaging includes a pump. The Extra version is priced at $197 and comes with 2 gaiters. The Penomet premium version is priced at $297 and is viewed as the crown jewel of the company. Since it is a premium version, it is presented with five different types of gaiters together with a highly effective comfort strap.

Bathmate gives consumers a 2-year warranty on their products. Penomet on the other hand provides a warranty period that increases depending on the price of the model. The Standard version has a 1-year warranty, Extra has a 2-year warranty, while the Penomet Premium comes with a 3-year warranty. From the Bathmate Hydromax Vs Penomet discussion, it is evident that the devices provide the same benefits and impressive results in a short time. It is up to you to choose the penis enhancement device that suits your needs.

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