Bathmate Intermediate Routine

Bathmate Intermediate Routine

If you have been using your Hydromax hydro pump for 3 months or more, then it is time to advance your routine. Making your routines more advanced is beneficial because it helps you incorporate a variety of penis enhancement procedures with the aim of speeding up the outcome. Before you can begin the Bathmate intermediate routine, you must be certain you are competent enough at pumping, capable of making a good seal. The intermediate level is also recommended for people who have made significant size gains. If you have not met any of these, it is wise that you carry on with the basic routine.

To boost gains significantly, break up your sessions into 4 parts that last 5 minutes each. Perform an intense routine that lasts 5 minutes with the penis pump on after which you can take off the device. Do a couple of jelqs for about one minute, then reinsert your manhood back into the penis enhancement device and pump for five minutes while making the intensity slightly higher than before. Keep alternating the routine this way while incorporating manual jelqs and ensure you are pumping the device slightly harder each time.

The gradual progression is helpful as it enables you to get to higher levels as you pump your manhood. The penis is more likely to respond better with this routine. So, push it using the shorter bursts instead of the longer ones that last 15-20 minutes. The longer sessions cause penis resistance which often causes the capillaries to burst.

To help your penis acclimatize and relax prior to commencement of the pumping routine, massage it slowly while incorporating light jelqing. Doing so additionally makes it easier for your penile shaft to progress to a higher level. Jelqing is additionally encouraged as it disperses the buildup of lymp fluid around the foreskin.


What is a jelq and how is it performed? The jelq is a very simple procedure that can be accomplished by almost anyone. Begin by making your penis semi-erect. This is done to ensure there is blood inside the penile shaft. Then, using your index finger and thumb, make the OK sign around your penile shaft at its base. Apply a tight grip and move your hand along your penile shaft towards the tip and STOP the moment you reach the glans. Consequently, blood will be forced to flow up your penis thus making it balloon outwards as you move along.

What does jelqing accomplish? Jelqing causes the extra flow of blood to increase the size of the tissues around your penis. After several weeks, your penis will expand and achieve permanent growth. This is an additional exercise routine that should be combined with the Bathmate hydro pump for faster penis size gains. It is recommended for men who wish to have a bigger girth.

Therefore, if you are searching for a routine that will help deliver a thicker penis in record time, this routine is the perfect one for you. The Bathmate intermediate routine should be carried out for a period of 2 weeks before progressing to more advanced routines. This is a superb way of making significant penis size gains in a short time.

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