Bathmate Results After 6 Months

Bathmate Results After 6 Months

Although I have successfully used my Bathmate pump for 3 years now, I will let you know what results to expect after 6 months. When I discovered Bathmate, I committed myself to using the device for 6 months with daily pumping sessions that lasted approximately 15 minutes each. So, below I shall provide a review of my Bathmate results after 6 months.

Wearing a Bathmate device is a fun experience. On the first day, I inserted my dick inside the cylinder and immediately got an erection. After several pumping sections, I could not help but notice that my erections were harder and larger. It has also made me hornier, and even my flaccid penis is visibly bigger. However, I must point out that I started with a smaller dick and I was eager to make it bigger. The truth is, having a bigger dick has more benefits. So, I simply couldn’t wait to max out n the benefits.

Results After 6 Months

I discovered that Bathmate penis pumps rely on the force of water to built suction power. If you’re looking to have good results, then you should consider inserting your dick into the cylinder while your penis is erect and pump several times. Doing so will help supply more blood to your penis, thereby enabling you to have a harder erection. The increased amount of blood forced into the Corpora Cavernosa thus making your dick expand more with each pumping session. This eventually leads to a bigger dick and harder erections.

This review of Bathmate results spans a period of 6 months of everyday use. I used my Bathmate pump every day for 15-20 minutes for a period of 6 months, and my penis grew one inch longer and thicker as well. After a while, I felt my penis was big and thick enough and since I did not want to risk compromising on the fantastic blowjobs I was getting, I take breaks from Bathmate every few weeks.

During the breaks, I would engage in manual stretching routines. What I had in mind is to stretch out the ligaments holding my dick to my body. My stretching routine helped stretch the ligament, thereby enabling my inner penis to be more accessible and usable. After the short breaks, I would resume my usual Bathmate routines and after a period of just six months, the results were mind-blowing. I was excited about the thought of gaining an extra inch and 0.5 inches more of girth.

Buy The Original Bathmate

You have probably run into one of those negative reviews about Bathmate. This mostly happens to the individuals who fail to use the device consistently and properly. It could also mean that the users bought counterfeit devices. if you want real results, it is critical that you order your Bathmate or Hydromax pump from the official site.

Since I knew counterfeits were being sold everywhere, I purchased my Bathmate pump from the official website. My decision to invest in an original product is part of the reason why I can share with you my review on Bathmate results after 6 months. If you want a bigger dick, choose Bathmate.

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