Can Bathmate Cause Damage?

Can Bathmate Cause DamageCan Bathmate cause damage? This is a common question in the world of penis pumps. So, this article seeks to provide the right answers for users all over the globe. After ordering a penis pump, most new users cannot wait to try out their new devices. As a result, they quickly unbox it and start using it immediately without reading the instructions and directions provided.

Before using your Bathmate hydro penis pump, it is important that you read the instructions provided carefully. Improper use may cause skin discoloration, squishy erections and hematomas. New users are generally overzealous when it comes to use of the device, while others are impatient to get results and resort to pumping for longer durations. Remember, overzealous pumping increases the risk of damage to your penis.

The skin around penis glands is very delicate. With overzealous pumping, bruising or blistering may occur. The biggest problem with blisters is that they can cause extreme pain with excessive friction. Luckily, Bathmate is a hydro pump that does not cause friction.

Pumps are known to fill the penis with copious amounts of blood, but lymphatic fluid is also drawn into the penis as well. When this fluid finds its way in the penis head, swelling may occur, which is popularly referred to as the ‘donut effect’. Fortunately build up of the lymphatic fluid is a slow process that is reversible.

How To Use Bathmate Pumps Safely

If you are using a Bathmate hydro penis pump for the first time, make sure you pump slowly and avoid pumping too hard. Use warm water as this will help relax your penis and only increase the level of pressure only if you feel suction is being lost. Also, add breaks to your pumping routine. This will help prevent bruising and tissue damage. It is additionally important that you limit the Bathmate sessions to fifteen minutes.

Like any other penis enlargement method, pumping is often abused and overused. Even so, pumping using a penis pump is the only true non-pharmaceutical method that is capable of producing impressive results almost immediately after use. This explains why penis pumps are a preferred method of penis enhancement. It is important to note that with correct use, the risk of injuries or side effects can effectively be prevented.

Lots of studies have been conducted that prove the efficacy of Bathmate penis pumps. The studies indicate measurable improvement when it comes to penile health. So, penile health gets a boost with regular Bathmate use. Studies also point to the fact that Bathmate pumps play an important role in preservation of the health and size of the penis as a man ages. By using your pump for just 5 minutes every day, you potentially thwart the risk of erectile dysfunction. Bathmate pumps maintain oxygen saturation to acceptable levels. However, with limited resources available that guide users on effective use of pumps as rehabilitation or preservation devices, most men solely rely on the pumps for enlargement purposes even though there is a lot more that can be achieved with the pumps.

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