Does Height Affect The Penis Size?

Does Height Affect The Penis Size

Is it correct to judge penis size by height? An old myth states that there is a close connection between a man’s height and his penis. While it is easy to guess the shape and size of breasts by looking at women, the story is different when you look at the penis. It is difficult to gauge how big or small a penis is by the size of a man’s penis by looking at clothes men wear. While it is easy to gauge the penis size of the really endowed men based on the imprints of their pants, these are rare cases.

Most people believe that they can guess how big the phallus is phallus by looking at body parts like the ears, foot, hands, or even the nose. However, most independent studies indicate that the assumption is false. Experts confirm that there is absolutely no relationship between height, body parts, and the penis.

There are rules touching on muscle and bone structure based on how they match the height of an individual. This is critical as it helps by maintaining the right body posture. Unfortunately, the phallus does not adhere to the rules. In fact, it is only similar to the ears and nose whose sizes have no correlation with height, and as such are not determined by the size or shape of body parts.

As the embryo develops inside the womb, the process of penis development is managed by the genes that contribute to the development of the limbs. Even so, there is no connection between penis size and limbs. Bodily development that occurs during childhood and puberty years is controlled by various genes and hormones.

Facts About Penis Size

Most men are still fascinated by the thought of having a bigger penis in the 21st Century. Most people believe that a bigger penis shows masculinity. Consequently, a vast majority of men would rather have large members. It is also common to find that most men are insecure about their penises, especially if they think the size is inadequate. Fortunately, solutions are available in the form of penis enhancement pumps and surgical procedures. However, you can only achieve true results by using a hydro pump. Some good examples include the Bathmate and Hydromax line of penis pumps that have proven highly effective over the years.

Size Matters

Forget about what you have been told about ladies not having a preference for big dick. To impress your partner in bed, you actually need a large enough penis to do the job. This partly explains why a vast majority of men are sensitive about penis size. While some women do not understand why men are so obsessed with their penises, others will let you know that the bigger it is the better it is for them.

According to studies conducted over the years, it would be misleading to link penis size by height. So it is not necessarily true that taller guys have bigger phalluses. However, if you’re feeling insecure about the look or size of your dick, you can actually make it bigger using any of your preferred Bathmate hydromax pump.

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