Fake or Counterfeit Bathmate Pumps

Fake or Counterfeit Bathmate Pumps

Bathmate has won numerous awards, many users have also provided reviews that indicate the penis pump is very effective. However, like all the quality products out there, unscrupulous sellers are now selling counterfeit Bathmate devices. Below we provide useful tips to help you avoid fake or counterfeit Bathmate Pumps.

Bathmate has spent lots of money patenting its products in many regions all over the world, but this has not stopped the counterfeits from being sold since Bathmate cannot monitor all items on sale across the world. So, consumers are strongly advised to avoid the counterfeited Bathmate pumps. Also, report any fake or counterfeit Bathmate product you come across that makes the claim to be a Bathmate product. This way, the manufacturer will act fast.

The fake pumps expose users to all sorts of risks as they do not undergo testing that is supposed to guarantee user safety. The fake Bathmate penis pumps also have no proof to indicate that the pumps have been manufactured to meet safety and industry standards. Also, note that they do not undergo testing that ascertains their level of efficiency and effectiveness. This means that materials used in the production of the counterfeit Bathmate products are poor quality. So, they can easily break down or cause a number of skin ailments and irritations, which may be attributable to fake comfort pads.

In case you are making arrangements to order your favourite Bathmate device anytime soon, it is advisable that you watch the online videos that provided prospective users wonderful insights into some of the things to watch out for. The videos also outline some of the unique features you can expect from the original Bathmate products. If you want to be certain you are buying the real deal, you should only make purchases from reputable stores that specialize in selling original Bathmate pumps. If you make your purchase from the Bathmate official website, then you are assured of buying an original product.

Some people have a hard time differentiating between the original Bathmate and the counterfeit ones. The assembly of the devices is one of the easiest methods of determining which one is real and which one is not. The shitty knockoffs have a spring fitted in the section holding the valve. If this spring breaks free and finds its way into the cylinder, you can suffer unbearable pain or injury. The genuine versions have no springs. There are also a number of other indications that point to a fake pump that many people may not know. Below are things to watch out for if you want to be sure you are not buying fake or counterfeit Bathmate Pumps.

1. The surface of the original Bathmate pumps are matted and smooth.
2. The original pumps are shipped directly from the United States or the United Kingdom.
3. Quality and medical grade materials are used to build the original Bathmate pumps. The plastic is almost unbreakable.

Although there are many more ways of telling which one is original and which one is not, the guidelines above will help you choose original Bathmate pumps.

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