How I Made My Penis Bigger With Bathmate

How I Made My Penis Bigger With Bathmate

Contrary to popular belief, ladies actually care about the size of a penis. According to many studies conducted over the past few years, many women have confessed that they dumped men or refused to have sexual intercourse with men having smaller dicks. More than 80% of the women out there confirm that thy prefer to date men with larger penises over the good looking guys.

Thankfully, you can take the necessary measures to increase the size of your penis if you feel it is smaller than average. Of course, the best way of making your penis bigger involves using a water-based penis pump. Below I will share how I made my penis bigger with bathmate.

How Bathmate helped me realize my goal

I initially had a penis that measured slightly more than 6 inches with a girth of 5.3 inches. While this was more than average, I just wanted to be bigger. Like most men, I wasn’t content with the size of my dick, so I badly wanted to increase its size to a few more inches. After just 6 months into the program, I was able to Play in the league of the big boys. My penis measured a whopping 7 inches.

I read countless reviews about Bathmate and I wanted to experience it myself. Personally, I ordered the Hydromax X40 because this is the one that fitted me at the time. If your dick does not measures 6 inches or thereabout, then I would recommend the Hydromax X40. Thankfully, a chart is provided on the official site that allows you to pick the most suitable pump based on your penis size. Therefore, if you would like to achieve optimal results, it is advisable that you use the right pump.

How Bathmate Hydromax pumps work

The Bathmate line of pumps is unique considering they are water-based penis pumps. Consequently, you can comfortably use the device when showering, or when taking a bath. Simply fill it up with some warm water, then insert your dick. Next, pump until the right amount of pressure is created. This is important because it helps expand the chambers and the penile tissue. As a result, your dick will be bigger and you will have harder erections.

While the gains you make during the first session are only temporary, they will become more permanent if you resort to using the device consistently for several months. In the first six months, I used my Bathmate every day for 15 minutes, but nowadays I just use it thrice each week to maintain the gains I have made.

Is Bathmate safe?

Bathmate Hydromax pumps guarantee total safety. The design, the materials, and the features incorporated into the device are intended to keep users safe. It is highly unlikely that you will get injured when using a Bathmate pump, thanks to the well-built cylinder. The medical grade materials used also prevent allergic reactions and other complications. To enjoy greater safety while using Bathmate, it is advisable that you use the device as recommended.

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