How Long Do Bathmate Results Last?

How Long Do Bathmate Results Last

How long do Bathmate results last? While it is a well-known fact that Bathmate is the leading penis pump worldwide, anyone planning to order a Bathmate or Hydromax pump would obviously be eager to know how long results achieved will last.

Hydromax Bathmate is one of the unique penis pumps, as it promises users permanent results by incorporating hydro technology. To understand how long the results last, we should appreciate the fact that Bathmate produces two types of results (Temporary and Permanent). Below we outline some of the differences between these two results and how long each one lasts.

Temporary Results

Temporary results are visible within the first 15 minutes of pumping. The temporary gains are often referred to as penis engorgement. However, these results only last a few minutes or even a few hours, depending on different factors. Penile engorgement is characterized by the temporary length and girth increase of the phallus. In most cases, the temporary gains are usually confused with the more permanent gains due to the significant penis size increase.

Permanent Results

These visible permanent results occur after several weeks of pumping sessions using Bathmate or Hydromax pumps. Just like the name says, permanent gains or permanent penis enlargement last a lifetime.

Distinctive Growth Factors

It is worth noting that some distinctive factors help to differentiate temporary gains from the permanent gains. Some of these factors include:

1. Duration it takes to note the increase – Temporary gains show almost immediately after pumping using a Bathmate pump. It will actually take a few minutes before you see the immediate gains. Unlike temporary gains, permanent gains will often take longer to note. You may have to wait for 3 – 6 months before you notice any significant changes in your penis in the form of permanent gains.

2. The length of time the gains last: Temporary size gains only last a few hours or a few days until the penis resumes its normal size. Permanent gains, on the other hand, last a lifetime. Therefore, you can expect your permanent gains to last forever. If your goal is to achieve permanent gains, then it is imperative that you use your Bathmate pump every day. Maintain regular and consistent use for the best possible results.

3. Penis length increase – Temporary results only produce a slight length increase while temporary length gains are longer. Consequently, if you notice any rapid increases in the size of your manhood, then you are probably looking at temporary gains.

How To Boost Your Permanent Gains

While Bathmate can help you gain permanent results, the tips below help you to boost your gains.

1. Supplement your regular Bathmate pumping with jelqs lasting 15 minutes.

2. Get an erection first, and use the device for approximately 15 – 20 minutes while your dick is still hard.

How long do Bathmate results last? Anyone considering the purchase of a Bathmate pump will gladly discover that the pumps produce permanent gains in just a matter of weeks. The world-renowned penis pump significantly increases penis size and the results last a lifetime. According to testimonies and user reviews from hundreds of thousands of REAL users, the pumps produce impressive permanent gains.

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