Hydromax Bathmate VS Sizegenetics Review

Hydromax Bathmate VS Sizegenetics Review

Hydromax Bathmate and SizeGenetics are probably the two of the most popular penis pumps to date. No doubt about that as both of these penis pumps have already made a reputation of being effective in delivering promising results. At this point, you probably want to know more about these in order to determine which one is really the best.

This Bathmate vs Sizegenetics review will give you everything you need to know.


Hydromax Bathmate is a hydro-penis pump capable of enhancing the size of the penis as it encourages better blood flow while strengthening the erection at the same time through the power of the water pump. On the other hand, SizeGenetics belongs to a different category. It’s actually a strap-based extender, and it works in a way where its slider design is specifically made to firmly fit with the natural curvature of the male sexual organ. Also, since it’s strap-based, it allows 60% more blood flow in the penis during erection. This results in a longer lasting erection.

Safety and Comfort

Due to the pump-based mechanism of Hydromax Bathmate, some users find it uncomfortable, while others don’t mind it at all.

SizeGenetics is more flexible in that regard, because of its multi-directional angling, as well as the 16-Way Ultimate Comfort System. This allows the user to enjoy 16 different settings, allowing them to customize the penis pump for maximum safety, comfort, and efficacy.


Bathmate should be used 3-5 times a week for about 15-20 minutes per session. It should also be used while in the shower as it’s powered by water.

SizeGenetics works great if it’s used for several hours. That’s why it’s highly recommended to wear the device for 2-3 hours if you’re a beginner, and you should be using it every other day. After several weeks of use, you should increase the duration to 10-12 hours a day, and let your body rest for 1-2 days every week.

Intended Goals

Hydromax Bathmate is specifically made to help men increase their erect girth size and swell up the penis at the same time. However, it’s also worth noting that with continuous use, you’ll also experience a remarkable improvement even when your penis is flaccid. That means it improves the overall appearance of the penis naturally.

SizeGenetics is focused on helping the user improve their flaccid length size. Some girls prefer “hung penis” and this is what you can enjoy from using Size genetics. Though, like Bathmate, you’ll also notice some improvement in the erect size as well.

User Experience

Those who have tried Hydromax Bathmate claims that it’s a hydro-penis pump that’s fun to use, as it offers instant results, giving you instant gratification as well. On top of that, it’s also user friendly and very comfortable to wear.

SizeGenetics is different– you’ll have to wait for several months before you’ll even see the results. The only good thing about it is that it’s very passive and could be worn wherever you are.

Final Words

Which device you are going to choose would entirely depend on your preference and penis enlargement goals. Read more about Hydromax Bathmate from official website here

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