Impressive Hydromax Pump Results

Hydromax Pump Results

What can you expect in terms of Hydromax pump results? The Hydromax X30 and X40 are new additions to the family of Bathmate. Just like the name suggests, the pumps are designed to work with water. Unlike the traditional vacuum pumps that solely rely on air, your Bathmate Hydromax pump delivers more impressive results when used with warm water.

The maximum effectiveness of Bathmate Hydromax pumps is boosted by water. Even though gains made are more in girth and less lengthwise, the Hydromax line of penis pumps are guaranteed to produce safe and permanent results without exposing users to negative side effects.

You are probably wondering what new features come with the newly introduced Hydromax pumps? Below we outline some major improvements that will certainly make your male enhancement journey a worthwhile experience.

1. A newly improved bellows system provides enhanced pumping power – 35% increase.
2. You can easily rotate the pump without necessarily removing it to check out the scale.
3. With the new comfort pad, users can now enjoy a better and more comfortable fit. Also, less suction power is lost.
4. The SuperFlow latch is yet another welcome improvement. It allows single hand operation while resolving the leaking issue that was common in the older models.

It is worth noting that the X30 and the X40 are very similar to the XX30 and XX40 respectively. However, the main difference is the handball pump for easier pumping and the accessory kit included with the pumps. The handball pump will come in handy if you’re looking to maximize your gains more effectively.

Hydromax Pump Results

As mentioned earlier, gains are mostly visible in the girth. The Bathmate Hydromax pumps work in a highly innovative way by enabling the corpus cavernosum to fill up with an increased amount of blood. When you maintain consistent pumping sessions, the amount of blood held by these penile tissue will increase over time. After several months, the effect slowly but surely becomes more permanent. While your penis will resume its normal size after your first session, you can expect your manhood to be enlarged after several weeks. In reality, the penis can enlarge by two inches in girth and one inch lengthwise. Since all men are different, you might even get better results.

Using a Bathmate Hydromax pump is also beneficial for the simple reason that you don’t need to wear the device for many hours like the penis extenders that expose users to so many risks and pain.

The Hydromax penis pump is the easiest male enhancement device you will ever use. You just need to fill it up with warm water and insert your penis into the cylinder and pump several times until there is a sufficient amount of pressure buildup. Unlike the complex operational mechanism of the extender, it is highly unlikely that you will fumble with your Bathmate or Hydromax penis pump. Whether your penis is straight, bent, short or long, it will be accommodated by the Hydromax pump.

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