No Intimacy In A Relationship Resolution

No Intimacy In A Relationship Resolution

Are you currently experiencing no intimacy in your relationship? This is an issue that is experienced by many couples and people involved should take all measures to resolve the issue. If you do not feel at ease or do not wish to be intimate with your partner, then it is imperative that you identify the issues and find a quick resolution to the problems. Resolving issues related to intimacy is paramount particularly for the survival of a relationship.

How To Determine The Issue

To begin the process of pin-pointing the problem, you need to determine what you are both not happy with. In fact, this is the initial step involved in finding out the problem causing the intimacy issues.

Break up temporarily

Taking a break is a wonderful way of making things work again. It works by bringing back the romance to your relationship. So, if you suspect the lack of intimacy is due to boredom, then consider spending some time apart. This is an excellent time to remember all special moments in retrospect while you try to figure out what went wrong. Taking a break also gives you the chance to rekindle the love and desire for your partner.

Solve Problems Affecting The Relationship

Failure to solve problems in your relationship will definitely affect the intimacy of your relationship negatively. Problems do not just solve themselves. Also, avoid putting issues that arise to the back burner. So, make a point of resolving all issues that arise with your partner and deal with them momentarily. A spat or even a fight will only affect your intimacy and this is usually elevated during sex.

Consult With Your Partner

It can be quite challenging to have a talk with your partner about issues affecting your intimacy. There is always the fear that the other person does not have a deeper understanding of the issues at hand. This is one of the main reasons why some people in relationships claim their partners are coming up with lame excuses whenever they want to talk about issues affecting the relationship. Despite this, it is a good idea to sit down and talk about the issues facing your relationship with your companion. Having dialogue always produces results all the time.

Start afresh and do not hesitate to Introduce new things to your relationship
Intimacy issues can easily be resolved by introducing new things to the relationship. Also, feel free to share your pains with your pains so that resolutions can be found.

Seek Professional Help

Once you have tried out all the tips outlined above and nothing seems to work for you, it may be time to consult a specialist in such matters. A counsellor may have a solution to your problem.

Use A Penis Pump To Improve Sexual Performance

Some intimacy issues are brought about by the inability of a man to perform in bed and most women are scared of pointing this out to their men. Luckily, penis pumps can be used by men to help improve performance in bed.

If you are experiencing no intimacy in a relationship, try out these simple tips and bring back the flame to your relationship.

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