Penis Size Before Getting Married

Penis Size Before Getting MarriedSo, how much do you know about sex life after married? This is an important question more so if you have plans to tie the knot with your husband anytime soon. While we take pride in knowing so much about this little package, the truth is that most people only know very little about it. Both men and women debate a lot on whether penis size actually matters. However, it is now time for you to be informed. So, below are some important facts to know about penis size before getting married.

Does Thickness Matter?

Normally when people are discussing matters concerning the penis, most people talk about length. The truth is that most women are more concerned about penis thickness. When a dick is thicker than normal, a woman may require some gentleness and lubrication during entry so that the vagina is flexed enough to allow the man easier entry. If you take into consideration the elasticity and size of your vaginal opening, you will most certainly feel stimulated and sexually satisfied by a dick of any thickness. Women generally adapt to the male organ regardless of size.

The Penis Should Be Measured Correctly

It is important to note that there is a correct method of taking the measurements of a penis in order to get the precise length. You may either use a measuring tape or ruler on the upper section of the penis and measure from the tip to the base where the shaft connects the dick to the pubic region.

The average size of a penis is not as huge as most people claim

You know it really does not bother you, but if you are curious enough to know, you will learn that the average size is not as huge as many people claim it is. According to numerous studies conducted so far, the average size when erect is about 5.6 inches in length and 4.8” in circumference.

Most Men Lie About Their Penis Size

Only about 10% of men have penises measuring more than 7 inches in length and only 7% have dicks measuring more than 8 inches. However, this does not imply that there are no huge penises out there.

What is the right Penis size?

If you have met the man of your dreams and you feel he is the right one for you, then chances are his penis is just right for you as well. If your future husband’s penis is small, you may need to find out some clever ways regarding how to make things work in the bedroom. You might want to consider purchasing a Bathmate penis pump as well to help him make his phallus larger. However, if your husband has a penis that is particularly humongous, use lubrication and let him slide in slowly as you receive him. Over time, your body will adjust to this size.

Even though many people are of the opinion that the size of a penis matters, how the owner uses it is really what matters the most. If you are making arrangements to get married soon to the man you love, take note of the facts outlined above regarding penis size.

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