Routines For Bathmate Fast Results

Bathmate Fast Results

Even though the instructions provided by the manufacturer work to deliver highly impressive results, you can incorporate other strategies to gain even faster results. So, just in case you always wondered whether Bathmate fast results are possible, you will be happy to learn that this can actually happen. Using the methods outlined below can help you get faster results. Nevertheless, it is advisable that you take your time as you slowly integrate the exercises below into your Bathmate routine.

As you get started with Bathmate, ensure you are using the penis enlargement pump as indicated by the manufacturer. It may take a while for some people to get it right the first time, but continuous use will greatly improve your pumping within a week. To realize Bathmate progress, focus on building pressure gradually each day. However, don’t push yourself too hard by going for maximum pressure. Avoid injury by building the amount of pressure gradually each day.

Manual Stretching

Manual stretching is a routine you should incorporate into your Bathmate routine for Bathmate fast results. To prevent injuries, ensure your manhood is warm and loose. Stretches can be performed immediately after showering since the penis will be relaxed and warm then. To begin the exercise, stand naked and sprinkle a small portion of talcum powder onto your hands.

Proceed by holding your manhood firmly underneath the glans with your index finger and thumb. Pull your penis away from your groin until the ligaments are stretched. Hold it in that position for 20 seconds and repeat the process, but make some slight change to the angle. Now pull out your penis towards the left for another 20 seconds and then do the same to the right and then downwards.

Bathmate Stretching

The stretches can also be performed using the Bathmate Hydromax pump. Begin by inserting your penis into your Bathmate pump. Pump until a moderate level of pressure is built enough to make a seal. Proceed by pulling the pump just like you initially did for the manual stretches. Using both hands, pull the pump away from your groin and hold it for 20 seconds once you are able to feel a good amount of stretch.

It is not advisable to pull the pump too hard. Doing so can cause ligament fatigue thus leading to slowed progress. The same approach explained should be applied to the right, left and downwards as well. If you perform the stretch as advised, all will be fine.


Once you are confident enough with the stretches, you can introduce kegels into your Bathmate routine. Doing kegels exercises is recommended as it helps make the Pubococcygeus (PC) muscle stronger. If the PC muscles are not strong enough, then your erections may not be as full or erect as you would expect. Tense the muscle a minimum of sixty times through a tense and release procedure. This should ideally be done for the initial two weeks. The tensing of the PC muscles build strength and make your erections stronger.

The exercise routines mentioned above work superbly for anyone wishing to gain Bathmate fast results. So, incorporate them into your Bathmate routine and witness the amazing results.

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