SizeGenetics VS Bathmate

SizeGenetics VS Bathmate

At the moment, the male sex enhancement industry boasts of having a number of penis enhancement products that have made it possible for most men with small penises to gain the significant benefits provided by the devices currently available in the market. However, with so many options to choose from, it is increasingly becoming difficult for consumers to choose the most ideal device. This can be attributed to the fact that there are plenty of renowned products currently being sold in the market. In this review, we shall compare two famous brands: SizeGenetics vs Bathmate. Continue reading to find out the best one for your individual needs.

Style and Construction

SizeGenetics: This is a device that is classified as a strap-based extender. The efficacy and effectiveness of this particular penis enhancement device is attributed to its distinct slider design that comfortably and firmly fits to the curvature of the male sexual organ. Due to its strap-based design, SizeGenetics promotes more blood flow to the penis when fully erect. As a result, a fuller and stronger penis is achieved by the user.

Bathmate: Bathmate on the other hand is a water-based pump that creates a vacuum. It is capable of enhancing penis erections by providing stronger and harder erections as well. It additionally makes the penis bigger after several weeks of use. Note that the pump relies on the force of water to deliver really pleasant results that are noticeable within just a couple of weeks.

Mode of Operation

SizeGenetics: This device targets the penis tissue walls by exerting traction force on the side of the penile shaft. This action encourages cell growth as well as multiplication of the cells thus leading to a permanent enlargement of the penis.

Bathmate: The Bathmate Hydromax can be worn while taking a bath or even a shower. It functions by creating a vacuum or pressure force that encourages more blood to flow into the penis. The action results in a bigger and stronger penis while erections last considerably longer.


Bathmate is the more affordable option when compared to SizeGenetics considering it costs only from $110. The different packages for the SizeGenetics device are provided below:

1. Value Edition – Costs $199 and is provided with the basic only
2. Comfort Package costs $349, although it includes the 16-way Comfort System together with a case made of leather.
3. The Ultimate Pack costs $398 – This package is provided with the extender, 16-way Comfort System, leather case, cream, and traction powder.

From the SizeGenetics vs Bathmate review, it is quite evident that the two male organ enhancement devices provide almost the same benefits, although their appearances seem to be totally different. Functioning and pricing are additional aspects that are different as well. So, you can decide the device that is most suitable for your own individual needs and pocket. As you choose the right one that suits you, remember the two penis enlargement devices provide very impressive results since they are capable of transforming a small penis to a massive one in only a matter of weeks.

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