The Average Penis Size According To Research Studies

Average Penis Size

Let’s face it, more and more men keep worrying about their penis size. This is one of the main reasons why you will find them checking each other out, taking note of articles and ads that promise to enlarge their manhood, and generally making comparisons. Some significant level of anxiety is often generated by the men who feel concerned about issues relating to the average penis size. Let’s explore some of these concerns and find out what research says about this sensitive topic.

What Research Says

The BJUI research collected data from seventeen studies and the participants of the study totaled 15,000 men. The analysis conducted charted sizes and classified them into percentiles over and above the averages previously listed.

For instance, an erect penis measuring 6.3 inches falls in the 95th percentile. What this essentially means is that in every 100 men, you will only find 5 men with penises that are 6.3 inches or longer. Likewise, a fully erect penis measuring 3.94 inches falls within the 5th percentile, which means only 5 men in 100 have a manhood that is shorter than 3.94 inches.

Many other studies have also produced the same results. One such study also discovered that the penis length when flaccid is no predictor of the erect length. Simply put, most men can get erections of the same size. Even so, their flaccid penises will tend to vary in size from one man to another.

How To Correctly Measure The Size Of Your Penis

If you want to measure the length of your penis, then you must measure it from the tip at the glans. Always take measurements from the top of your manhood because this is where it links with the pubic bone. The tip of the glans is that round section. It is advisable that you compress the fat covering your pubic bone while taking the measurements. Also, do not add the extra length associated with your foreskin. When it comes to penis girth measurement, you should measure your girth at the middle or the base of your shaft.

Does penis size matter?

One of the greatest aspects men are most concerned about is whether their manhood will be sexually satisfying for their partners and themselves. Some men are also anxious about their appearance when naked.

During sex, a bigger dick may not necessarily mean that the sex is better. The average penis size preferred by women in one study showed that 5 inches girth and 6.4 inches is what most would wish for that one-time sexual encounter. For those seeking long-term relationships, the average penis size preferred by women participating in the study showed that a 4.8 inches girth and 6.3 inches length is ideal. So these choices are only slightly larger than the typical average size.

Can I make my penis bigger?

If you are not happy with your penis size, you can actually make it larger using numerous options like surgery, penile exercises, eating specific foods, and using penis pumps. For the most impressive gains, using hydro pumps has shown to produce the best results.

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