The Ultimate Hydromax X40 Guide And Review

The Ultimate Hydromax X40 Guide And Review

Just like you you, I badly wanted to make my penis bigger. Furthermore, I wanted harder erections and quality orgasms. At the time, I was performing some penile exercises to help me achieve these goals. So, when I heard about Bathmate, I figured it would be a great fit for me. Since I already used other brands of penis pumps in the past without much success, I was somehow skeptical about getting any good results. I ordered the Bathmate Hercules and later upgraded to the Hydromax X40 to accommodate my gains.

For the well-endowed men, the appropriate pump that will deliver remarkable gains is the Hydromax X40. The same applies if you previously used other Bathmate pumps and you are now seeking bigger gains after outgrowing a smaller pump. The X40 works by pressurizing water inside the cylinder, thereby boosting erection size in the long run. Compared to the older Bathmate Goliath pump, the X40 produces 35% more suction power, which is quite impressive.

The Notable Key Features of the Hydromax X40:

1. It is a hydro pump meant for the well-endowed men with dicks measuring 7.5 inches long.

2. Produces 35% more suction power than its older counterparts (Bathmate Originals). This can be attributed to the newly designed bellows system.

3. A new comfort pad that provides a tighter, but more comfortable seal.

4. A new design superflow latch valve system. The new valve system can now be closed to prevent loss of water.

5. Regular and consistent use means you can see more permanent results in sixty days.

6. The new measurement gauge allows you to monitor progress.

7. Users also get a complete instructional guide.

8. The new generation pump now provides more secure seal thanks to the removable seal. The textured surface of the cylinder helps improve grip. As a result, slippage that is likely to occur during regular use of the device is prevented.My Experience

My Experience With Hydromax X40

The highly innovative  is user-friendly and comfortable. If you’re upgrading from any of the Bathmate originals, then you will undoubtedly appreciate it as a great upgrade.

The biggest surprise that may catch you off guard is the permanent long-term effects. I initially thought the gains I had made would be lost in a few hours, but interestingly enough, the gains started becoming permanent. The impressive gains kept me going and I used them as the motivation to carry on with my sessions. When you use the device for the very first time, the immediate gains will only be temporary. So, you should keep using the pump on a daily basis to cement your gains and make them permanent.

Does it cause any pain?

The X40 is one of the easiest pumps to use that additionally provides greater comfort. You just need to follow the instructions presented in the guide and you will get the results you want safely. If you’re smaller in the nether regions, then you might want to consider the X30 because the X40 is a very big penis pump. This should not stop you from ordering the X40 if that’s what you prefer. A number of safety features are incorporated in the X40. Therefore, the possibility of getting injured while using the pump is almost nil.


The manufacturer of the Hydromax X40 is so confident in the pump that every buyer gets a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. You just need to try the pump within the sixty days and see the results promised. If for whatever reason you have not achieved any desirable results within this period, you can send it back and claim your refund. No questions asked!


You are probably wondering how much you need to part with to enjoy the numerous benefits that the X40 provides. According to the official order page, you can actually own one for just $199, which is quite a steal. If you think about it, the benefits you derive from the device actually outweigh the cost of the product.


With the numerous accessories provided, you get the opportunity to accessorize your Hydromax X40 pump. Unlike the Xtreme X40, you might have to buy the accessories separately. However, if you choose the XX40, the accessories come as part of the package. in my opinion, buying the Xtreme X40 gives you better value for money. Some of the accessories you can buy for your Hydromax pump include a shower strap, capsule case, cleaning kit, jelqing cream, pleasure lube, and much more.


Compared to the experience I had with the smaller X40, I must say the X40 delivered incredible results. Even though I initially believed there was absolutely no way to make permanent size increases to the penis, the X40 and the Hercules shocked me with the pleasant results. The most immediate and noticeable results occur within the first few minutes of pumping. However, these results recede gradually. So, my penis returned to its normal size. To maintain the gains and make my dick bigger, I became more consistent with my Bathmate sessions. With the efforts I made, I noticed the gains lasted longer. If you want permanent results, then I would suggest you maintain consistency in your sessions. If you fail to do so, then it is highly unlikely that you will get any good results.


I must admit that the Hydromax X40 is the best pump I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. The reason I fell in love with this particular hydro pump is its versatile nature, which essentially means it can function with or without water. This gives you two options of creating vacuum suction power. When it comes to its function and comfort, it is similar to the other Bathmate Hydromax pumps. While using the device, you can tell you are using a premium quality penis pump. If you would rather have additional extras provided with the Xtreme variants, then I would personally recommend the Xtreme X40 for a complete experience.

I would gladly recommend the Hydromax X40 to any man looking for GENUINE gains. The pump is suitable for both beginners and advanced users alike. If you don’t mind stretching your budget a little, then the Xtreme X40 is yet another good device that comes with additional trims and features thus providing you with a complete Bathmate experience.

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