What Does Bathmate Hydromax Do

What Does Bathmate Hydromax Do

Bathmate Hydromax is one of the most popular penis pumps available in the market, and what made it stand out from its competitors is the fact that it’s hydro-powered. What does this indicate? Basically, you have to use this penis enlargement device when taking a shower or bath. There’s actually a wide range of Bathmate models to choose from, ranging from the Hydromax to the Xtreme series. However, the most popular one to date is the original Bathmate Hydromax hydropump, and in this article, we’re going to try our best to explain what does Bathmate do and the reason behind its popularity.

The New Generation of Penis Enlargement Pumps

The Bathmate brand is labeled as the new generation of penis enlargement pumps, because the way it works is entirely different from how the traditional penis enlargement pumps work. Just like what has been mentioned earlier, it uses water pressure, which means you should only use it in the bathtub or shower– basically, a place where you can easily have an access to water. As compared to standard penis pumps, this one doesn’t use the conventional vacuum, but warm water– that’s why it’s capable of producing instant results. Even though the gains are are mostly visible on the circumference/girth and it doesn’t solely focus on length, it’s very comfortable to use unlike other penis enhancement methods, such as jelquing. Believe it or not, it’s the only penis pump that delivers long lasting results without any side effects, or negative impact to penis health.

How It Works

The Bathmate Hydromax Hydropump creates a vacuum seal inside the plastic tube. This forces the genitalia to enlarge in order to fill the area inside the tube, which also forces the blood of the penis to circulate anymore– this results to stretching and inflating of the penis. For first time users, the usual effect would be instantly getting bigger, mainly because the penis has been “pumped up.” However this result becomes permanent after several uses.

Whenever men get an erection, the brain sends signals to the body, triggering the release of a certain hormone that encourage better blood flow to the “Corpora Canervosa.” This leads to a firmer erection. Bathmate uses a water vacuum to enlarge the penis, and as more blood is forced into it, the erection becomes longer lasting. This is one of the few reasons why those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction are asked to give this product a try.

Regular use would cause the blood vessels to expand further, allowing better blood circulation to the penis, specifically the erectile chambers. This creates a harder, and bigger erection.

Basically, Bathmate Hydromax creates an erection due to suction, and as blood is being drawn from the corpus carnevosa, this leads to a more erect penis. Aside from that, the lymphatic system is also stimulated to the point that it leads to the oxidation of blood cells and flushing out of toxins.

Final Words

Bathmate Hydromax hydro-penis pumps are very easy to use, and most consider it as a pleasant experience. You’ll just feel a gentle pressure while using this device, which you can also modify depending on your liking. Likewise, water is also a form of lubricant, giving you comfort during penis enlargement exercises.

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