What Is Jelqing?

What Is Jelqing

Many men out there tend to feel they have inadequate penis sizes. There are men who are naturally small while others simply desire a few more inches just to boost their egos. Since the society views sex as a taboo, very little has been done address this problem. Fortunately, there are different solutions such as penis pumps, jelqing and many more. You are probably wondering: What is jelqing?

Jelqing is a natural method of penis enlargement where the penis is squeezed and stroked in an attempt to make the penis bigger. This method requires a lot of effort on your part. Furthermore, frequency and repetition are two vital aspects that should not be ignored when it comes to jelqing. The method works by increase the amount of space that holds blood. Continuous exercise makes the phallus grow larger over a period of time.

To perform the procedure correctly and effectively, the jelqing procedures outlined below will guide you through the right steps. It would be pointless to perform the jelqing without following the recommended procedure. For this reason, the instructions below will be of great help especially if you desire big gains.

1. Apply Lubrication: To begin the process, apply lubricant on your penis prior to commencing the exercise. Any lubricant will work although you need to make sure it does not irritate your skin.

2. Erection Level: it is important to note that your manhood should not be fully erect as you perform this procedure. Therefore, try and maintain the level of erection at 50%. This makes it easier for blood to flow through your manhood. If blood flow is restricted, then the whole exercise will be pointless.

3. Grip Your Manhood: Make the OK sign and grip your phallus. As you do so, make sure your other fingers do not touch your phallus.

4. Begin the process: Start at the base and apply a bit of pressure as you move up. The exercise will not hurt if you apply pressure the right way. Even so, the pressure should be sufficient enough to move blood to the tip.

5. Finish: Bring the exercise to a stop the moment you get closer to the glans. The glans should ideally not be subjected to jelqing because it can easily cause lack of sensation. Every single jelq should last approximately three seconds.

Daily exercise is required and you need to stick to the plan. This may be an easy process for some men during the day, although it can become difficult after several weeks. For this reason, many people have stopped the penis exercise technique altogether due to its demanding nature.

Even though jelqing is a popularly used penis enlargement exercise, there is no scientific evidence that supports the procedure. Consequently, the effectiveness and the ability of this technique to deliver impressive results largely depend on user feedback. Some people feel that the process is a complete waste of time. If you have doubts about this routine, consider the penis enlargement pumps which deliver superbly within a couple of weeks.

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